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Welcome to our community page! Here we will be publicising cellists’ activity so we can all stay connected, informed and reassured that musical life is continuing. Let us know what you’re up to, whether you’re extending your teaching practice online, posting inspirational videos or livestreaming concerts, so we can include it on this page.

Ollie Mansfield

Ollie Mansfield helps recitalists to increase their opportunities to perform using digital technology. Building an online audience base is a crucial part of this. When you know you that 30 people will support your work. Pay for your performances. You can create with confidence.

To get practical advice on how to do this, sign up for the Digital Recitalist weekly email. (

Ollie is also a freelance cellist and teaches at Junior Trinity. He studied at Birmingham Conservatoire, Trinity Laban and with the wonderful Sue Lowe.

Oliver Mansfield cellist

Ruth Phillips – The Breathing Bow

Are you struggling in lockdown, finding it hard to motivate yourself? Are you searching for ease or looking for support in practicing more mindfully? Cellist, Ruth Phillips, is internationally sought after as a performance coach and stringed instrument teacher, helping people who suffer from tension, stage fright or lack of focus overcome the physical and mental strains of being a musician. Her warm, wise and humorous approach might be exactly what you need. 

Check out her classes On InsideOut Musician: The Zen Practice Room  Mindful Modes and Limber Up on InsideOut Musician, or book a one to one on The Breathing Bow

Europik Music

Europik Music is designed to support young artists, orchestras, and chamber music ensembles throughout the production and promotion of digital content such as performance and audition videos, or digital releases of a single or an album.

We are organising our own CREATIVE EVENTS, providing a wide range of AUDIOVISUAL SERVICES and supporting artists via our new CONCERTS HUB.

Europik Music is regularly setting up livestreaming concerts, working as a video editor for the Marketing Department of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance as well as producing performance videos clips for various artists in London. We recently recorded for the label Dux; attached to Naxos, a contemporary work for cello and electronics Près by Saariaho. The album will be released later this year.

Europik Music Portoflio:



Nerys Clark – Memories

community page - nerys clark

I recorded my own album during the pandemic and it’s available as a signed copy or digital download. The album is a selection of classic and popular songs arranged and performed by myself for cello and piano. It can be purchased via my website at

Jonathan Ayling – RPO at Home

Over lockdown, Jonathan Ayling, co-principal cello of the Royal Philharmonic has been learning the Bach C Minor Suite.

I’ve been documenting my progress with each movement, firstly for RPO online and then for my own social media as well. I’d love to to spread the word about new makers and how high the standard is.

See more here:

Justin Pearson – Chasing the Dragon

During lockdown, cellist, Justin Pearson, recorded the Bach Cello Suites live.

CHASING THE DRAGON – J.S. Bach Cello Suites – 5 LP Audiophile Box Set is available for pre-order at:

community page - chasing the dragon

Joost van Dongen – The Ageless Gate

The Ageless Gate is the atmospheric debut album by cellist Joost van Dongen. An album full of instrumental music that invokes strong images. Together, the 13 songs tell a tale that spans three centuries, starting with a mysterious artefact and culminating in a gate to another world. The story is told by short text pieces in between the songs, voiced by voice actor Chris Einspahr.

The cello is the foundation of the album, which varies from cello trios to songs with cello, drums, guitar and keyboard. It is unique music with a sound that goes from melodic and euphoric to dark, pumping cello rhythms.

“Cello is mostly known as a classical instrument and a background instrument, but it’s so much more than that. I enjoy experimenting and exploring the possibilities of the instrument. My inspiration comes from rock, minimal music and game soundtracks. The leading role for the cello really makes it something special.”

Find links for the CD, listening online and the sheet music here:

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