Cello Bows For Sale

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This price list was updated on 20 May 2021

MakerWeight (grammes)Mounting (Silver/Gold)Price
Victor Fétique 74.0Silver£17,500
F N Voirin76.2Silver£15,000
John Dodd86.6Silver£13,500
W E Hill & Sons (Retford)81.8Silver (new face)Sold
David Samuels80.2Silver£7,040
W E Hill & Sons (Retford)81.8Silver£8,000
W E Hill & Sons (Yeoman) c.191578.9Silver£8,000
John Dodd (classical)77.5Ivory£7,500
C H K Schmidt82.4Gold£7,000
W E Hill & Sons (Scarbrow) c.193377.5Silver£6,500
A R Bultitude80.8G/Tortoiseshell£6,000
Bernd Etzler (gold medal)83.3Silver£6,000
Paul Sadka80.0SilverSold
Robert Pierce82.0GoldSold
Roger Zabinski80.0Silver£5,150
Steve Salchow81.6Silver£4,890
David Forbes (classical)80.0Silver£4,890
J S Finkel83.0Gold£5,250
Roger Zabinski82.1Silver£5,000
John Stagg85.3Gold£5,000
W E Hill & Sons (Leeson)75.5Silver£5,000
Christian Wanka81.0GoldSold
Mark Yakoushkin83.8Silver£4,500
John Aniano79.1Silver£4,070
Evan Orman (classical)80.6Silver£4,580
Bernd Etzler82.2Silver£4,000
Bernd Etzler80.4Silver£4,000
Bernd Etzler82.0Silver£4,000
Bernd Etzler81.3Silver£4,000
Bernd Etzler80.0Silver£4,000
Mark Drehmann80.5Silver£3,980
John Aniano83.7SIlver£3,700
Robert Pierce79.0Silver£3,510
Robert Pierce80.5Silver£3,510
Richard Grünke80.3Silver£3,300
Andrew McGill83.2Silver£3,250
Christian Wanka 83.2Silver£2,940
Bernd Etzler81.0Silver£3,200
Bernd Etzler81.9SilverSold
Klaus Grünke80.7Silver£2,890
H R Pfretzschner83.0Silver£2,750
Klaus Grünke81.2SilverSold
Heinz Dolling77.8Silver£2,200
M Francisco81.5Silver£1,250
M Francisco81.9Silver£1,250
Gunther A Paulus79.0Silver£1,200
Jackson Fornaciari82.6Silver£1,180
Juliano Oliveira81.3NIckel£1,180
Alfred Knoll83.5Silver£950
Luan Ruy81.1Nickel£950

We are active supporters of the IPCI, the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative.  We donate 1% of the selling price to the IPCI of every newly made contemporary bow sold through us.  

If you would like more information about our stock of cello bows for sale or would like to arrange to try a selection, please contact us. Bows can be taken out on trial for 7 days and can be posted back to us by Special Delivery.  We can also post up to three bows to you for trial; the postage charge for this is £15.  

If you are interested in selling a fine bow through us, please see Cello Exchange for full details.

For an insight into the bow testing process, see Bow Articles 

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