A I T C H I S O N  &  M N A T Z A G A N I A N

C E L L O   S P E C I A L I S T S

Aitchison & Mnatzaganian Cello Specialists offer an exceptional service to cellists throughout the world.  We are dedicated to providing the highest level of professional support to cellists, including the set up and sound adjustment of instruments and the production of world-class cellos in our workshop.  Robin Aitchison is a renowned cello maker and his instruments are played by professionals and soloists.  There is currently a 12 month waiting list for his instruments which are close copies of original instruments by Stradivari, Montagnana and Guadagnini.  Aitchison

Sarah Mnatzaganian assists cellists in buying and selling cellos and bows through our popular Cello Exchange service, ensuring that needs of both the owner and purchaser are equally and fully addressed.  Terms and conditions of the Cello Exchange can be viewed here, and you might also like to read feedback from a wide range of cellists who have used the service.  We also specialise in international contemporary cello bows, holding a fine stock of bows by some of the world’s greatest makers.  In 2002 we held our first international Take a Bow exhibition of contemporary cello bows and we have recently launched Take a Bow 365, a year-round exhibition of contemporary cello bows, so that players will always have access to an exceptional range of cello bows.

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