Cello community

Welcome to Cello Community, a new area of our website designed to help us all to stay connected, informed and inspired.  Please browse freely and if you’d like to see your project, website, recording, course, online teaching practice, or any new cello related enterprise featured in one of the pages below, please  send us about 100 words, a photo and a link and we will be delighted to share your work here.  The best medium for us to receive your material is via email.

Community page

This community page is a new forum where you can tell the world about your latest recording, your new website, or any other cello related enterprise.  Have a browse, and let us know when you have a project you’d like us to share here.

Cello courses and concerts

Browse here for cello courses and concerts run by the finest cellists. Do let us know if you have a course or concert you would like us to publicise here.  Best to give us at least four week’s notice before events, so there’s time for visitors to see your event and book.

Links for cellists

Here you’ll find links for courses, groups, societies, charities, luthiers and more. If you would like to join our links for cellists page, please contact us.

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