Aitchison Montagnana copy

Length of back: 29⅛” (740mm) String length: 27¼” (690mm)


A close copy of the ex-Pergamenschikow Montagnana cello made in 2017 by Robin Aitchison. This cello has a rich, complex tone, a quick response and powerful projection. The cello is in immaculate condition with a patinated golden-brown oil varnish.


Robinus Aitchisonus Sarah Mnatzaganiani
coniunx fecit Eliensis fub titulo Sanctæ Mariæ Magdalenæ 2017

To arrange an appointment to try this cello, please telephone +44 (0)1353 668559 or email in advance. Cellos can be taken out on approval for two weeks; there is no charge for insurance.

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