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String tension has a significant effect on the response of instruments and we decided to put together this string tension chart to show the tensions of all major cello string types, in order to help players to make comparisons between different brands more easily

*Please note that most manufacturers publish string tensions for A-440Hz tuning and a vibrating string length of 700mm. However, Pirastro’s published. data is based on a 690mm string length. Professor Jim Woodhouse of Cambridge University’s Engineering Department confirmed that 3% is the correction to apply to make Pirastro’s data comparable to other manufacturers, so we offer the adjusted figure first followed by Pirastro’s published data in brackets

String name and dateStringMedium tension (lb)WindingsCore materials
Pirastro Eudoxa  1922G28.1 (27.3)*SilverNatural gut
C27.6 (26.8) *SilverNatural gut
Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore  1949G30.8Tungsten ¤Steel rope
C29.7TungstenSteel rope
Jargar  1956A37.4AlloysSolid steel filament
D31.7AlloysSolid steel filament
Thomastik-Infeld Dominant  1970A30.8ChromeMulti-strand nylon
D24.9ChromeMulti-strand nylon
G22.9ChromeMulti-strand nylon
C22.5ChromeMulti-strand nylon
Larsen Strings Standard  1991A39.3SF/ Iron alloySolid steel
D29.7Al/Iron alloySolid steel
G27.6TungstenSolid steel
C30.1TungstenSolid steel
Larsen Strings Soloist  1993A40.7SF/Iron alloySolid steel
D29.7Al/Iron alloySolid steel
G32.2TungstenSolid steel
D’Addario Helicore  1994G29.4T & SSteel rope
C28.8T & SSteel rope
Pirastro Permanent  1996A38,2 (37.1)*Chrome steelSolid steel
D32.3 (31.4)*Chrome steelSolid steel
G31.0 (30.1)*TungstenSteel rope
C30.3 (29.4)*TungstenSteel rope
Pirastro Permanent Soloist  1996/7A37.8 (36.7)*Chrome steelSolid steel
D31.9 (31.0)*Chrome steelSolid steel
G30.1 (29.2)*TungstenSteel rope
C28.9 (28.1)*TungstenSteel rope
Pirastro Obligato  2000A38.0 (36.9)*Chrome steelSolid steel
D30.8 (29.9)*Chrome steelSF
G31.7 (30.8)*TungstenSF
C29.9 (28.1)*TungstenSF
Pirastro Evah Pirazzi  2004A40.1 (38.9)*Chrome steelSolid steel
D31.7 (30.8)*Chrome steelSolid steel
G28.5 (27.7)*TungstenSteel rope
C28.9 (28.1)*TungstenSteel rope
Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Soloist  2005A40.1 (38.9)*Chrome steelSolid steel
D29.5 (29.5)*Chrome steelSolid steel
G28.9 (28.1)*TungstenSteel rope
C30.1 (29.2)*TungstenSteel rope
D’Addario Kaplan Solutions 2005/2009A39TitaniumSolid steel
D31NickelSolid steel
G30.9TungstenStranded steel
C30TungstenStranded steel
Pirastro Passione  2008/2009A40.3 (39.1)*Chrome steelSolid steel
D30.1 (29.2)*Chrome steelSolid steel
G27.8 (26.8)*Chrome steelNatural gut
C28.5 (27.7)*TungstenNatural gut
Warchal Brilliant  2010A35.77H/SSAdvanced Synthetic
D29.41H/SAdvanced Synthetic
G30.12T/SAdvanced Synthetic
C29.29T/SAdvanced Synthetic
Jargar SpecialAunavailableChrome alloySolid steel
DChrome alloySolid steel
Jargar Superior A & D 2011-12 G & C 2016A40.8Chrome alloySolid steel
D32.4Chrome alloySolid steel
G31.1T & C alloyRope core
C31.9T & C alloyRope core
Larsen Magnacore 2014 A&D; 2013 G&CA40.4TungstenStranded steel
D31.6TungstenStranded steel
G30.8TungstenStranded steel
C30.2TungstenStranded steel
Warchal Prototype   A  2012A38.91SS AlloySS Alloy
Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold   2014A41.3 (40.1)*Chrome steelSteel
D31.3 (30.4)*Chrome steelSteel
G31.5 (30.6)*TungstenRope core
C30.8 (29.9)*TungstenRope core
Thomastik Versum 2015A38.8MultialloySteel
G31.5Tungsten and chromeSpiral
C30.2Tungsten and chromeSpiral
Pirastro Perpetual Medium 2016A40.8 (39.6)*Chrome steelSteel
D31.3 (30.4)*Chrome steelSteel
G31.7 (30.8)*TungstenRope core
C30.6 (29.7)*TungstenRope core
Pirastro Perpetual Soloist 2016A39.9 (38.7)*SteelChrome Steel
D31.7 (30.8)*SteelChrome Steel
G31.5 (30.6)*TungstenRope core
C30.1 (29.5)*TungstenRope core
Larsen Magnacore Arioso 2016A41.5TungstenSolid steel
D32TungstenSolid steel
G30.2TungstenStranded steel
C28.2TungstenStranded steel
Warchal Amber 2016A37.43SSMetal helix
A36.37H/SSAdvanced synthetic
D30.28H/SAdvanced synthetic
G30.66T/SAdvanced synthetic
C30.24T/SS/SAdvanced synthetic
Thomastik Versum Solo 2017A40.1MultialloySteel
Pirastro Perpetual Edition 2019A39.2 (38.1)*Chrome steelSteel
D31.1 (30.2)*Chrome steelSteel
G30.9 (30.0)*TungstenRope core
C30.0 (29.1)*TungstenRope core
Thomastik Rondo 2020
A41.4MultialloyCarbon steel
D31.5MultialloyCarbon steel
Larsen Il Cannone
Direct and Focussed
A40.8Unique material being patentedUnique material being patented
D31.1Solid steel coreStainless steel
G30.6Steel rope coreTungsten
C29.8Steel rope coreTungsten
Larsen Il Cannone Warm and Broad
A40.8Solid steel coreStainless steel
D31.1Solid steel coreStainless steel
G30.4Steel rope coreTungsten
C29.8Steel rope coreTungsten
Pirastro Cadenza 2021G30.4 (29.5)*Rope coreTungsten
C29.0 (28.2)*Rope coreTungsten

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