Thomas Smith cello c.1760

Length of back: 29” (740mm)  String length: 26½” (674mm)  


Thomas Smith cello recording

A handsome instrument in very good condition with a powerful, colourful tone and a quick, easy response.  The varnish is red-brown over a golden ground.  Letter of authenticity from Charles Beare.

Thomas Smith (c. 1725 – 1789) was a London maker who worked for Peter Wamsley in the last years of his life and then took over the shop, the Harp and Hautboy in Piccadilly, having acquired the business from Wamsley’s widow in 1751. Smith also inherited Wamsley’s Royal Warrant and became violin maker to both George III and the Prince of York, remaining so until his death. He moved his shop to 6 High Street, Marylebone in 1782.

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