Joseph Hill cello 1773

Length of back: 29½” (752mm)  String length: 27″ (683mm)


This beautiful cello was made by Joseph Hill at his Haymarket premises in London.  It has a colourful, elegant and expressive tone with considerable power. More information and a recording will be published in the coming weeks.


at the HARP and FLUTE
in the Hay Market

Joseph Hill (1715-84) was the founder of the Hill dynasty of violin makers and dealers and is renowned for his superb cellos. His earliest labelled instruments date from 1753 when he worked in High Holborn, London.  By 1761 he ran the ‘Harp and Flute’ in Pall Mall, and in 1765 made his final move to the ‘Harp and Flute’ in the Haymarket where he remained until 1780.  Five of his six sons became instrument makers.

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