Length of back: 29½” (754mm)  String length: 27″ (685mm)

Price: £85,000

B S Fendt (II) 1832 recording

This beautiful cello is a joy to play, with a quick, generous response and a rich, beautifully textured and well projecting tone. It is a fine example of the work of Bernhard Simon Fendt Junior (1801 -1852) the eldest son of Bernhard Simon Fendt (I) who was trained by his father at Betts’ until 1823. The cello has been well cared for through its life. The deep red-brown varnish has a developed pronounced craqueleur on the ribs, head and back.


Bernard S Fendt Jnr
London 1832

‘Fully equal to his father as a gifted and ingenious craftsman, his wok covers a wide variety of models, but generally focussed on Stradivari, Guarneri, and Amati, executed with an admirable sensitivity to the virtues of the original instruments, and varnished with rich pliant coatings of deep red-brown colours.’ John Dilworth Bromptons Book of Violin and Bow Makers page 188.

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