Sell a Cello or Bow

We are often contacted by players looking for a new cello and also by cellists seeking to find a buyer for their old instrument.  In response we offer a service called the Cello Exchange which is designed to assist both the buyer and the seller.  We charge a modest sales commission of 12.5% to sell a cello.  From 2019, the starting price for cellos will be £15,000 and for bows, £1,000.

If a player wishes to sell a cello through the Cello Exchange, we will assess the instrument and agree a selling price.  We will also discuss the need for any minor repairs or set up work before the cello is made available for sale.

The owner insures the instrument while it is at our studio in Ely; we insure the instrument when it is out on approval.  When we find a buyer for the cello, we ask the buyer to pay the full selling price direct to the vendor.  We will then invoice the vendor for 12.5% of the selling price.For the full Terms and Conditions of the Cello Exchange, see  below. For extensive feedback about the Cello Exchange, see Feedback from Cellists.

Sell a cello or bow - Florentine cello sold by Aitchison & Mnatzaganian

Florentine cello

The Cello Exchange has sold cellos by the following makers:  Barak Norman, Benjamin Banks, James and Henry Banks, Laurent Bourlier, Charles Buthod, John Carter, Aristide Cavalli, Charles J B Collin-Mezin, George Corsby, George Craske, Thomas Dodd, Bernard Simon Fendt, Simon Andrew Forster, William Forster Senior, William Forster Junior, Henry Furber, John Furber, Louis Guersan,  Lockey Hill, Henry Lockey Hill, Colin Irving, Anton Jais, Henry Jay, Thomas Kennedy, Marc Laberte,  Charles François Langonet, Mario Maccaferri, Paul Meinel, John Morrison, Léon Mougenot,  Giuseppe Pedrazzini, David Rubio, Ben Ruth, Jean-Baptiste Salomon, Wilfred Saunders, Wolfgang Schnabl, J&J Simpson, Thomas Smith, Mathias Thir, Robert Thompson, Antonio Ungarini and Peter Wamsley.    The Cello Exchange has also sold fine cello bows by Bazin, Bultitude, Dodd, Fétique, Hill, Ouchard, Peccatte, Sartory, Simon, Vidoudez and Vigneron.

If you have an instrument or bow you would like to be assessed for inclusion in the Cello Exchange, please call 01353 668559 or email us at  Please note that we are not able to sell cellos by living makers apart from Robin Aitchison.