String and case reviews

S T R I N G   A N D   C A S E   R E V I E W S

One of the most expensive aspects of maintaining a cello is buying fresh cello strings.  The range of strings available grows wider every year as the research and development departments of each string manufacturer strive to produce innovative new products.  Every 2-3 years we review the new cello strings on the market, working with cellists to assess their feedback and gathering information from the manufacturers about string tensions, so that we can produce comparative charts.  We have amalgamated all our past string reviews (originally published in our ‘News for Cellists’ newsletters) on this website to allow players to make broader comparisons between all the strings currently available.  We will add more reviews as new strings are developed.  Also included in this section is our review of cello cases from 2009.  
Please note that our reviews should not be regarded as the ‘last word’ on any product; they are merely subjective reports based on feedback from players and our own impressions.
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