Cello bow articles

C E L L O   B O W   A R T I C L E S

In 2002 Sarah was asked by the Strad Magazine to write an article about the bows; her brief was to talk to contemporary bow makers, experts and connoisseurs to discover just what it is about bows which makes them so significant for string players.  This marked the start of a increasingly deep involvement with the world of contemporary bow making and inspired us to hold our first exhibition of contemporary cello bows in the autumn of 2002.  Our contact with players testing bows and with prizewinning bow makers has also inspired several articles which you can read in this section by using the links in the left hand sidebar.  They include two articles exploring players’ experiences of testing bows which provide a useful insight into how to go about testing bows if you are seeking a bow for your own use.  We also interview bow makers to try to discover what factors go into creating the unique ‘sound’ of a bow.  A practical article advises on how to maintain your bow safely, and we also write about the exciting conservation of the Pernambuco tree  in Brazil by the IPCI, a remarkable international charity run and funded by bow makers.  We make a donation to the IPCI on every contemporary bow that we sell.

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