If you decide to commission a cello, a 25% deposit of  is payable when Robin starts work on your cello; the balance is due after a two week trial period following the cello’s completion.  If  you decide that you do not wish to keep the cello after the trial period, we will refund your deposit in full as soon as the instrument is sold to another cellist.

If you would like to try an existing cello by Robin, please let us know which model you are interested in and we will arrange for you to meet an existing owner.

Robin welcomes new commissions.  The current waiting list is approximately 18 months; please contact us for a precise date.

For more information, see:

Guadagnini model

Montagnana model

Stradivari model

Three Guadagnini cello copies by Robin Aitchison with the original

Three Guadagnini copies by Robin Aitchison. The original cello is on the left.