Robin Aitchison has been making close copies of 18th century Italian instruments for many years.  His three cello models are based on individual instruments by Antonio Stradivari, Domenico Montagnana and Giovanni Battista Guadagnini.  These models are the 1726 ‘Marquis de Corberon’ Stradivari, the c.1735 ‘Pergamenschikow’ Montagnana and a c.1755 Milan period Guadagnini. 

Robin makes instruments to commission.  If you would like to try an example of his work, it is usually possible for us to arrange for you to visit an existing owner to try their instrument.  For more insight, see Video Gallery and Aitchison cello owners.

Robin Aitchison

Cellos by Robin Aitchison

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Aitchison Stradivari cello frontStradivari copy

Robin Aitchison Montagnana copy

Montagnana copy

Aitchison Guadagnini copy

Guadagnini copy