Florentine cello c.1750

Length of back: 30″ (760mm) String length: 27¼″ (693mm)

Price: £75,000 (Cello Exchange)

Florentine cello recording

A wonderfully expressive Italian cello with a colourful, deep, cavernous tone and excellent projection. Previously owned by an orchestral principal and soloist and carefully restored by one of the UK’s most senior luthiers. The cello comes with a letter and identification photographs from J&A Beare.

The cello bears what is probably an original manuscript label of Lorenzo Carcassi dated 1738.

The label reads:
Fece Anno 1735 in Firenze

It also bears a repair label of Eugenio Degani of Venice 1885, who may also have applied the dark over varnish.

Lorenzo Carcassi (fl.c.1750-1780 Florence, Italy) was a pupil of Giovanni Baptista Gabrielli and he worked closely with his brother Tomaso, making instruments to a high-arched Stainer model which was popular in Florence at the time.

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