Thomas Kennedy cello 1823

Length of back:  29⅛ (740mm)   String length: 26¾” (680mm)

Price: £55,000

Thomas Kennedy cello recording

This fully inscribed and labelled cello is remarkably original, with deeply crackled dark red oil varnish. It has benefitted from some excellent internal work and plays beautifully, with a powerful, rich tone and quick response.

Inscribed internally:

Thos Kennedy
364 Oxford Street
London 1823

Son and pupil of John Kennedy, Thomas Kennedy worked for William Forster (III) from 1802-1804 before establishing himself independently at 16 Princes Street. Interestingly, William Forster (IV) made cellos for him during this period, as did John Crowther. In 1813 Kennedy moved shop to 16 Nassau Street, then in 1816 to 364 Oxford Street where this fine Kennedy cello was built. Kennedy was a prolific maker with a broad range of output, though Kennedy cellos are perhaps best known for the distinctive shortened Amati model with long middle bouts. By 1823 when this Kennedy cello was made, the maker was well established in London and on his way to becoming one of the stand-out luthiers of his generation.

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