Aitchison Guadagnini 2008 copy

R O B I N  A I T C H I S O N  G U A D A G N I N I  C O P Y   

guadagnini-2008-scroll   guadagnini-2008-frontLength of Back: 28 ¼” (716mm)guadagnini-2008-back    
String length: 26¼ (667mm)

Price: Sold

A close copy made by Robin Aitchison in 2008 of a Milan period cello by G.B. Guadagnini circa 1755 with a quick response and colourful, powerful tone.
Antiqued transparent orange-brown
varnish over a golden ground.

Labelled: ROBIN AITCHISON, ELY, 2008

Here is a 20 second recording of the cello: 

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