Florentine cello c.1750

F L O R E N T I N E   C E L L O  c. 1 7 5 0 

Florentine scroll side view

Length of back: 29⁵⁄₁₆” (744mm)
String length: 27″ (685mm )

Price: Sold

Florentine back

Florentine front This very fine Italian cello is a magnificent player’s instrument.  The tone is rich, mature, colourful and powerful, with considerable clarity.

 The cello is supplied with a 2003 letter from J&A Beare identifying it as of the Florentine School, possibly the work of one of the Carcassis, circa 1740-1750.  The materials, workmanship and varnish are of the highest standards, particularly on the exquisitely arched back.  Like many instruments from this era, this cello has been reduced in size.  The front has a number of repairs, hence the modest price for a cello of this quality.

Here is a 20 second recording of the cello:

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Florentine head back

Florentine head front