Bernard Simon Fendt c.1830

B E R N A R D   S I M O N   F E N D T   C E L L O    c. 1 8 3 0


DSC_0687Length of back: 29½” (755mm)DSC_0692
String length: 27″ (686mm)

Price: Sold

This beautiful cello by Bernard Simon Fendt (Junior) is in excellent condition with very fine red-brown varnish.  The cello has just been set up by Robin which has enhanced its  rich, clear and colourful tone.  Players comment on the cello’s responsiveness under the bow and its tonal beauty, depth and power.  A rewarding instrument for any professional player.

Certificate from J & A Beare 2008.

Here is a 20 second recording of the cello: 

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