Selected sold cellos

S E L E C T E D   S O L D   C E L L O S

We have sold many fine antique instruments through our Cello Exchange. On this page you will find links to a selection of recently sold instruments. For cellos that are currently available to buy, please visit our cellos for sale page. For our collection of fine antique and contemporary bows please visit our bows for sale page.

To see more of Robin’s instruments,  to read about his making philosophy or to see how to commission a cello by Robin, please visit Cellos by Robin.

To sell a cello or bow through us please visit our Cello Exchange page. Please note that we no longer sell instruments by living makers through the Cello Exchange.

Henry Lockey Hill Cello 1827

W E Hill & Sons Cello 1892

Bernard Simon Fendt Cello c.1830

Antonio Ungarini Cello c.1750

Joseph Hill Cello 1770

Thomas Smith Cello c.1760

Henry Jay Cello c.1760

Florentine Cello c.1750

Giuseppe Pedrazzini Cello c.1920

Aitchison Guadagnini copy 2008