William Forster c.1770 Sold

W I L L I A M   F O R S T E R   C E L L O   c . 17 7 0 

Forster cello

Forster cello

Length of back: 29” (738mm) Forster cello
String length: 26³⁄₈” (670mm)

Price: Sold

An elegant William Forster cello, fully restored in our workshop, with an expansive, rewarding tone, excellent projection and exquisite red brown varnish.  Labelled internally on the back and top block.

Beare receipt.

William Forster recording:

William Forster (II), latterly known fondly as ‘Old Forster’, was born into a family of cello makers in 1739 and became the pupil of his father William Forster (I). Old Forster is known for his commercial success, a fact demonstrated by copper tokens in issue during his lifetime stamped ‘Wm Forster, Violin, Tenor and Violoncello Maker, No.348, Strand’ featuring the Prince of Wales’ feathers, mark of the Royal Warrant. Forster cellos are known for their rich red-orange oil varnish and the exaggerated form of their scrolls. On a Forster cello, the purfling is generally brought right to the end of the long corners in an extended mitre. Many were made on a distinctive shortened Amati model that were popular with celebrated soloists of the time and continue to be highly sought after to this day.

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