Robin Aitchison Stradivari copy 2014

A I T C H I S O N   S T R A D I V A R I   C O P Y   2 0 1 4

Aitchison Stradivari copy
Robin Aitchison Stradivari cello copyAitchison Stradivari copy for saleRobin Aitchison Stradivari cello copy

Length of back: 30” (762mm)
String length: 27⅛” (690mm)

Price: Sold

A beautiful close copy of the Marquis de Corberon Stradivari cello with a lyrical, powerful tone and crisp response.  Like the original, which is played by Steven Isserlis, the back and ribs are made from willow which has a distinctively ‘chocolatey’ influence on the sound, adding darkness and warmth to an instrument with considerable power and projection.  The cello was made in 2014 and is in immaculate condition.

You can listen to a recording of the cello here:

The ‘Marquis de Corberon’ is one of the last cellos to have been made on Stradivari’s Forma B mould.  It was this mould that defined the outline shape of many of Stradivari’s most famous cellos from 1709 onwards.  The creation of the Forma B mould is seen as one of Stradivari’s great achievements and its use coincided with the ‘golden’ period of Stradivari workshop production.  Many of these cellos are works of extraordinary grandeur with a quality of wood, craftsmanship and varnish never before lavished on a cello.  In contrast, the ‘Marquis de Corberon’ cello of 1726 is from the later period of Stradivari workshop production and was made during very lean economic times in Cremona.  Everything from the use of locally grown willow wood for the back and ribs to the dark red brown varnish speak of a more earthy creation, but one which many believe to be the best sounding Stradivarius of them all.  For more information about this model, see here.

To arrange an appointment to try this Robin Aitchison Marquis de Corberon copy, please telephone +44 (0)1353 668559 or email in advance. Cellos can be taken out on approval for two weeks; there is no charge for insurance.

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