John Young c.1730

C E L L O   B Y   J O H N   Y O U N G   c . 1 7 3 0 

John Young cello scrollJohn Young frongLength of back:29″ (735mm)John Young back
String length: 26¾” (681mm)


A handsome unpurfled early English cello in very good condition, with a clear, powerful tone and quick response.  The varnish is a beautiful red-brown colour.


Sold by John Young Musical Instrument Seller at ye Dolphin &/
Crown at ye West end of St Paul’s Church where you may be furnish’d /
with all sorts of Violins, Flutes, Hautboys, Bafs Viols, Harpsichords & Spinets/
likewise all books of Tunes and Directions for any of these Instruments/
also all sorts of Musick & Rul’d Papers & Strings at reasonable rates. 

John Young cello recording:

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