James W Briggs 1924

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James Briggs cello

James W Briggs cello frontJ W Briggs cello for saleJames W Briggs cello back

Length of back: 29¾” (757mm)
String length: 27⅛” (689mm)

Price: Sold

This handsome cello by James William Briggs belongs to a principal cellist and is in excellent condition.  It is a fine example of James Brigg’s later work and has beautifully designed arching and attractive craqueled varnish.  The tone is rich and powerful.
The label reads:

James W Briggs
Glasgow 1924

James Briggs recording:

To arrange an appointment to try this James Briggs cello, please telephone +44 (0)1353 668559 or email in advance. Cellos can be taken out on approval for two weeks; there is no charge for insurance.

James William Briggs (1855-1935) was born in Wakefield and won a gold medal at a Leeds exhibition in 1890.  He moved to Glasgow in 1893 and was highly respected in his lifetime, being the only English maker elected to the Violin Maker’s Association of Germany.  His cellos are very well regarded,  made from excellent materials, with richly coloured and textured varnish.

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