Bernhard Simon Fendt cello c.1800

F E N D T   C E L L O   C I R C A   1 8 0 0 

B S Fendt cello scroll

B S Fendt cello frontBernhard Simon Fendt cello back

String length: 27″ (682mm)
Back length: 29¼ (743mm)
Price: £95,000

This exceptional cello was made by Bernhard Simon Fendt between 1798 and 1809 when he worked for Thomas Dodd in Covent Garden.  The cello has a rich, generous tone and an even, quick response.  The condition is outstanding.  Certificates from Rembert Wurlitzer 1958 and W E Hill & Sons 1944.


New Street
Covent Garden

Here is a short recording of the Fendt cello

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