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‘Thank you for including me on your mailing list. The articles are very interesting. I don’t know how you keep coming up with new ideas for themes! I found the history of cello lengths and the comparison of different makes so interesting – especially as mine is on the small side and I have sometimes felt a bit ashamed of the fact (but NO LONGER!!!).’

‘Thanks for the continued great work in your newsletters.’

‘It’s always good to receive your helpful information and advice.’

‘Just enjoyed your latest newsletter, and would love a set of postcards from your talented cartoonist!!!’

‘Thank you for your Newsletter. Your information is very interesting and useful.’

‘Thank you for including me on your mailing list. The articles are very interesting.’

‘I am very happy to receive future newsletters – they are so informative & well-written! And many congratulations on the success of your whole enterprise. You have such wonderful ideas – and energy – , and have managed to establish an original and very useful service. Your articles are always interesting, and the logo and drawings are brilliant too. More power to your elbow(s) in every sense! I always enjoy your newsletter, text and illustrations, so this response is my “thank you”. I still like my bow and tell people about your bow tour.’

‘By the way, I find your notes on various aspects of the cello very useful and interesting in your news letter.’

‘Excellent short article on ‘cello backs’ – many congratulations. Compulsory reading for every cellist!’

‘Thank you for publishing your review on strings which I found absolutely useful and very clear.’

‘May I say that I enjoy your newsletters very much!’

‘THANK YOU, you are great!’

‘Thank you both for very interesting news bulletins.’

‘I do find your newsletter very interesting and would not like to lose it, so here is my new address! I also leave it out for my (now few) pupils and their parents to read.’

‘Many thanks for your newsletters, which I always enjoy receiving’

‘Your newsletters are a great read!’

‘Please let me know when the next “News for Cellists” is available. What a wealth of information, and so kind of you to share! Thank you.’

‘Thanks for your new news! You are still educating this elderly cellist immensely!’

‘I very much enjoy your wonderful newsletters!’

‘Dear Sarah, I write to congratulate on this and your research. I thought this was excellent newsletter, especially the section of Cello benefits. As a late starter aged 57 I have been learning and playing for 11 years I particularly enjoyed this section. I am a semi- retired doctor and it has given me a completely new aim in life. I am able to play with some amateur groups and this can be an uplifting experience. I also entirely agree Pat Legg’s remarks at the end. I am only sorry that I cannot use your shop as I live rather a long way away.’

‘Congratulations on your excellent article in your news letter. I can vouch for much that you report. I started to play the cello at age 70. I had no previous music playing experience so started from scratch and had to learn to read music as well as to play the cello. Within five years I had passed Grade 5 ABRSM exam and now I play in a regular multi cello group and an occasional string quartet. I have a lesson every week with an excellent inspiring teacher. It is all very life giving.

‘I do appreciate the mouth watering back page of your news letter where I can fantasise over the lovely cellos you sell !!’

‘I am currently on your mailing list for your newsletter. I really enjoy receiving this publication and have found the articles to be both helpful and informative. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and information. Long may it continue.’

‘I enjoy reading your “news for cellists” , and find it informative, helpful and inspiring!’

‘Your latest wolf note article is such an impressive and comprehensive piece. I was fascinated to read all the comments. For the record , I too am in accord with Hannah Roberts – it was so succinctly put (the effect of left hand pressure) that I could not add to it in any way!’

‘I enjoy getting your newsletter very much.’

‘Thanks so much for the latest News; the article about bows is so important that I am sending it to my violinist son and a viola playing friend.’

‘Just to say how much I enjoy your newsletter. As a child my anticipation of the weekly Hotspur was probably greater, but as a mature ‘cellist the enjoyment of your informed articles is just as great!’

‘I loved the story about the Pedrazzini. You really go the extra mile for your customers!’

‘Your newsletter is so good I tend to think you’re the cello oracle! ;)’

‘I’d like to offer my continued thanks and congratulations regarding your fantastic Newsletters. They are always full of interesting information, insight and understanding of cellist needs and concerns. I always use the information you provide as a reference point; whether it be string change considerations, instrument care or external issues such as travel etc.’

‘I found a copy of your newsletter completely by accident, and it’s the finest, most interesting and comprehensive I’ve ever seen. If you’d put me on your subscription list I’d be honored to receive it.’