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C E L L O   C O U R S E S

Welcome to our Cello Courses page, for an insight into some of the wonderful courses available to cellists this year.  If you are running a course and would like to publish details here, just email up to 250 words to us and we’ll publish the material for no charge.


Final year of Katherine McGillivray Get a Life Fund

If you are 30 or over and would like a year’s sabbatical pursuing a creative project,
please apply before Friday 24 March 2017
The maximum grant is £10,000.
Contact Alison McGillivray 


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Chamber Cellos Advanced Players course

1st/2nd April 2017
St Stephen’s Church Dulwich

This course offers advanced players of Grade 8 and above the opportunity to work at and produce a high quality concert at the lovely St Stephen’s Church.

The advanced course differs to the regular courses in that the music is sent out one month before in order that players can arrive practised and well prepared. This means less rehearsal time needs to be spent on note learning, leaving more time for the ensemble.

As always the program will be a mix of genres both fun and serious and everything in-between. Parts are allocated individually, and as everyone will have their own challenge to take on everyone will be in the same boat. Much support from tutor Kim and endless supplies of tea and cake will ensure that moral is kept high.

Cost – £110

If you would like to take part in this intensive and hugely satisfying weekend please contact Kim or Sarah.

Kim – kim@chambercellos.co.uk
Sarah – sarah@chambercellos.co.uk


Liberate your Music Making with the Feldenkrais Method

Benslow Music, Hitchin. April 7-9 2017

Tutors: Josephine Horder (cello) and Yeu Meng Chan (piano)


Are you convinced that you could play/sing better but don’t know how to improve?
Would you like to develop more confidence in performance?
Do you experience pain or fatigue when you play/sing?
Do you feel frustrated with your practice?

This inclusive and explorative workshop aims to enhance your satisfaction and enjoyment in playing/singing, both physically and musically, to address causes of discomfort or pain, and to increase your effectiveness in practising.  Through a series of mindful and gentle movement lessons, you will explore your posture and movement habits and develop pathways to easier, more pleasurable, fully integrated action.  These movement lessons are playful and intriguing and will be experienced through both verbal instruction and via the tutors’ hands, if appropriate.

Benefits include renewed vitality, integrated lightness of movement, improved breathing, increased awareness of how to use your body effortlessly, and a sense of fresh potential.  There will be opportunities to experience this freedom, as it develops, whilst exploring your playing/singing in a relaxed setting.

Experienced performers, teachers, and Guild certified Feldenkrais Practitioners, Josephine and Yeu Meng are dedicated to improving all aspects of music making and performance.

Find Out More and book your place:

Tutor website    www.feldenkraiswest-herts.co.uk
Tutor website    www.feldenkrais-essex.com
information www.feldenkrais.co.uk