W E Hill & Sons cello (Sold)

W E  H I L L   &   S O N S   C E L L O   1 8 9 2


Hill front

Hill back

Length of back: 30″ (757mm)
String length 27½” (698mm)


A fine example of the work of Charles François Langonet (1861-1929) who was employed by W E Hill & Sons for most of his working life and who produced many fine instruments. This Stradivari model is beautifully conceived and is very rewarding to play.  The cello has a carefully repaired sound post crack in the back and a sound post crack in the front, hence the very modest price.

Here is a 20 second recording of this cello:

Hill scroll

 If you would like more information about this instrument or would like us to email photographs to you, please contact us.

To arrange an appointment to try this cello, please telephone or email in advance. Cellos can be taken out on approval for two weeks; there is no charge for insurance.

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