Léon Mougenot 1914

L É O N   M O U G E N O T   C E L L O   1 9 1 4

Leon Mougenot celloLeon Mougenot cello frontLength of back: 30⅛” (765mmLeon Mougenot cello back)
String length: 26⁷⁄₈” (683mm)


An appealing example of the work of this respected French maker in repaired condition with an even, beautiful tone of considerable quality.  The string length is  comfortable and the cello is a real pleasure to play.


Léon Mougenot Gauché
ex-ouvrier des 1es Maisons de
Bruxelles, Lyons, Paris, Londres  1914

Léon Victor Mougenot (1843-1937) was born into a family of violin makers and worked for a series of family workshops before establishing his own business in Mirecourt in 1899 where he trained a large number of pupils.  He was awarded a gold medal in Nancy in 1909.

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