Joseph Hill c.1780

J O S E P H   H I L L   C E L L O   c. 1 7 8 0

Joseph Hill cello

Joseph Hill cello Length of back: 29¾” (755mm) Joseph Hill cello
String length: 26⁵⁄₈” (678mm)

Price: £20,000 (Cello Exchange)

A characteristic example of this maker’s work which is well suited to its classical period gut string set up.

This Joseph Hill cello has an excellent tone and response, despite extensive repair work carried out during its life.

Joseph Hill cello recording:

Joseph Hill started his career working at the workshop of the late Peter Wamsley before establishing himself independently in High Holborn in 1753. By 1780, Joseph Hill had expanded to Haymarket, working alongside his eldest son, Joseph (II), who took over management of the shop. This Joseph Hill cello, therefore, is thought to have been made at this final phase of Joseph Hill’s professional maturity. Later that year Joseph Hill (I) would retire to Avery Row, New Bond Street, where he spent his final years. Famed for his Stainer and Amati models, Joseph Hill’s reputation was built on the exceptional quality of his cellos.

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