Charotte-Millot c.1830

C H A R O T T E – M I L L O T  C E L L O  c . 1 8 3 0

Charotte-Millot cello

Charotte-Millot celloLength of back: 28¾” (731mm)Charotte-Millot cello
String length: 27″ (684mm)

Price: £15,000 (Cello Exchange)

A handsome, comfortably sized cello by Joseph Charotte-Millot, in very good condition, with a rich, responsive bass and singing treble. The dark brown varnish was antiqued by the maker.  

Joseph Charotte-Millot was a pupil of the distinguished Parisian maker Jean-François Aldric and produced work of real character in Mirecourt.



Charotte-Millot recording:

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