Carlo Antonio Testore c.1730

C A R L O   A N T O N I O   T E S T O R E  c. 1 7 3 0 

Later scroll

C A Testore Cello Front

Length of back: 29½” (755mm)C A Testore Cello Back
String length: 27¼” (691mm)

Price: £320,000 (Cello Exchange)

Testore cello for sale. A very fine example of C.A. Testore’s work in excellent condition with all the exquisite tonal qualities you would expect from a healthy instrument of this pedigree.  This versatile cello has a natural capacity for soloistic projection as well as the tonal flexibility to blend beautifully in a chamber or orchestral context.

The instrument has been slightly reduced in size by a skilful hand, producing an elegant model with a back length of 755mm. The head is not original.

Carlo Antonio Testore cellos are  renowned  for their outstanding playing qualities and this cello is no exception; the tone is pure, rich and full of colour as you will hear in the three short recordings of the cello posted below.

Testore cello Bach excerpt:

Testore cello Haydn excerpt:

Testore cello Brahms excerpt:


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