Carlo Antonio Testore c.1730

C A R L O   A N T O N I O   T E S T O R E  c. 1 7 3 0 

Later scroll

C A Testore Front

Length of back: 29½” (755mm)C A Testore Back
String length: 27¼” (691mm)

Price: £320,000 (Cello Exchange)

This beautiful cello is a very fine example of the work of Carlo Antonio Testore in excellent condition with real solo potential.  The instrument has been slightly reduced in size by a skilful hand, producing an elegant model with a back length of 755mm.  The head is not original.  Certificate from Charles Beare dated 1979.

Carlo Antonio Testore cellos are  renowned  for their outstanding playing qualities and this cello is no exception; the tone is pure, rich and full of colour as you will hear in the three short recordings of the cello posted below.

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Testore Bach excerpt:

Testore Haydn excerpt:

Testore Brahms excerpt:


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