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‘Thank you, your website is so great – I just read it all and have to thank you for maintaining it.’

‘Thank you so much. I am so impressed by your shop’s work. I wish I could work in a shop like yours.’

‘I have been an eager reader of all the articles, reports and guides on your web-site. Having lived two years in the UK a few years back, I am only sorry that I did not know of Aitchison Cellos at the time.’

‘May I thank you for your wonderful site, which has given me much reading pleasure and a lot of useful advice, stranded as I am far from any string instrument specialists.’

‘Your website compels me to tell you that it has been most useful to me, and that I just wanted to express my appreciation for your outstanding articles and website in general.’

‘Am very impressed with your website – full of very helpful info: THANKS !!’

‘I am impressed with the quality and quantity of information you share on your website and am interested in receiving your email news-letter.’

‘I look forward to reading your newsletter regularly, and, again, very much enjoyed all the articles you have on your web page. I’m so glad I found your web page!’

‘I received your Cello Care Guide booklet and I thank you very much! It is an excellent source of information as well as your great website which is extremely well done. Thank you for your courtesy and helpfulness.’

‘Just a line to say thank you so much for your website with all the articles about cello set-up. I recently bought my first really expensive cello, it was made by a Giovanni Tedesco from Naples, Italy and it has deep rich tone, evenness across the 4 strings and good power, and it’s beautiful to look at as well. But I’ve been having problems with the setup because this cello is more “wolfy” overall than any cello I’ve ever owned–it’s turning out to be “hard to play” and it also needs a large room to sound good and not living in a palace I don’t have a room like that at home! But what I want to say is I am so grateful for the level of information and sympathetic understanding on your website. I’ve been really upset over this but reading what you all have to say I feel that I’m not crazy –that issues of setup are real and can be worked out. Thanks!’

‘I am an American cellist and I happened upon your lovely website. I was searching for wolf tone information to help explain the problem to a student (and his parents). Your brief article was so clearly and beautifully written.

If you are still publishing your newsletter online, I would very much like to receive it. Thank you for all that you do to help the cello world become a bit less mysterious.’

‘I just wanted to say thank you for all the useful information I have gleaned from your website this morning. I am new to the cello at the ripe old age of 52 and am already so wary of the misinformation that can be given about stringed instruments. Not so with your website – a reputable mine of information to both new and existing players/purchasers. Thank you again for efforts – a shining example of how the internet can be used to both educate and share valuable information. Well done!’

‘I love your site, it is jammed packed with so much useful information.’

‘I wish to thank you for all your help. I have read the care guides and articles on website, and also tried some bows at ‘Take a bow’ 2008 when you visited Trinity College of Music. I feel this has all been important for my development as a musician – understanding how instruments work, and how they should be taken care of, etc.’

‘You have a terrific website that’s been a wonderful source of info to me, (as an adult fairly recent beginner cellist.) Thank you for your excellent work. (Sydney, Downunder)’

‘I love your website and have found it to be an invaluable source of information over the past few years — both for me and my cello students.’

‘I wanted to congratulate you all on such a well organized and enjoyable website. I have been returning to it to learn more about different cello models etc. and find all the information very clear as well as being a good read.’

‘I have been admiring the great information on your website. I particularly have found useful the articles on what constitutes a full-size cello, and on the effects of humidity. Much of what you post is unavailable in a coherent form elsewhere, and some of it, like the descriptions by cellists of their wolf-fighting efforts, is unique. So—thanks for your work on all those useful topics.’

I am a cellist from Turkey, currently moved to United States and I am also trying to find a new cello that I will play for the rest of my life. I found your website extremely useful and professional. Thank you for all the amazing details that you have put into it. I really benefited from the videos and the information. I think that is the best website with the cello care guide, string trials on a cello and detailed information on how to choose a new cello. Thank you so much once again.’

‘I have found your site very helpful as I try to understand how the world is changing around an instrument that I have maintained in essentially the same manner for the 40 years I have had the privilege of playing it.’

‘I would love to be added to your newsletter list for cellists. I only just discovered your very impressive site. Thank you for all that you do to share wonderful knowledge for cellists! I will send my students as well to your site.’

‘I am an avid cellist from Toronto Canada (I play both in an orchestra and in a quartet) and I would just like to thank you for everything that you do to support cellists. I follow your website, articles and newsletters regularly: the quality is wonderful and the information so useful.  I wish I lived there so I could come by for a string trial and to work on my cello set-up.  I would travel to you – but taking a cello on an airplane has become truly scary!! Maybe boat is better.’

‘Firstly, let me say that I am an enormous fan of your website. I discovered your site during my search for a new cello last year, and I have returned many times since then to check in not only on your stock of cellos but also to peruse your treasure trove of cello advice and info. I am grateful that you have so much wonderful cello information posted! Thank you very much for your wonderful work!’

‘I just recently found your website. It is so informative and very professional. I would like to receive your newsletter via email whenever it is published. Thank you for providing beginners like me with such a great resource. I have learned so much from it already.’

‘Just one note: I have REALLY enjoyed reading the many pieces posted on your website over the years.  You and Robin have done such a great service to cello players…so, THANK YOU!’

‘For nearly a decade, I have referenced for their richly informative and detailed information regarding cellos, bows, and anything related to these noble musical instruments.

As a demanding professional cellist in search of rare equipment not available in the United States, I contacted Sarah Mnatzaganian by email and was greeted with surprisingly detailed responses with extremely polite and welcoming feel. During our month-long cross-continent business transaction Sarah made many of my unrealistic wishes come true. She truly goes out of her way to fully satisfy the demands of her customer all the while remaining a clear communicator. She is always friendly and thoughtful, preparing all goods and documents with the utmost attention to details.

The awesome personalized service Sarah Mnatzaganian provided redefines customer service and dedication to whole another level that I have yet to encounter in the field of violin and musical instrument shops. Throughout our exchanges of pleasant conversations, it became evident the reason why the shop’s website is so enjoyable to reference over and over. I could only imagine the day I personally visit Aitchison & Mnatzaganian’s cello shop in Ely, UK, as I’m sure it will be an incredible experience.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah Mnatzaganian for her strong background in writing and communication, and the wealth of knowledgeable cello experience including her network to many world-renowned makers and luthiers.’  Jeffrey Wang, concert cellist and music educator, Seattle.

‘Hello, Just wanted to say I found the articles and information on your site, fascinating,  fun to read and extremely educational.  So glad I stumbled upon it!’