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Take a Bow Feedback

'Thank you very much for your time, care and expertise today.  We had a very educational and enlightening day.  We're very grateful for the generous use of your time and space, and I am delighted with the choice we made: I now have a "bow for life"!'  2011 participant

'Thanks again for assisting me in finding a new bow - I feel the exhibition offers an amazing and unique opportunity to try so many great bows. I'm very grateful at having had this opportunity, and feel very excited about receiving the new bow!'
2011 participant

'Thank you for coming all the way down to London, and for dedicating so much time to the College students. I know they all had a really good time.'  Mark Messenger, Head of Strings, Royal College of Music

‘Working through the bows made me feel confident about my own ability to choose for myself.  There were at least ten bows in the exhibition which I would happily have used for a concert; this made me realise that there are infinite combinations of qualities in the best bows and there is huge scope for players who are looking for one or more bows to suit them and their instruments.’  Hannah Roberts

'Bows are such a mystery but when a bow works for a string player the result can be magical.’ 
Colin Carr

‘I’d definitely recommend the exhibition.  There’s no comparison really.  You just never get so many bows in one place at one time and having the choice in front of you is unique.’
Rachel Samuel

 ‘At the end of it all your gut instinct is the most important thing.  You get to know yourself a bit better as you work through the bows.  It’s an exploration of the bow-self!’ 

Paul Barritt 

‘Robin was an enormous help, making encouraging comments, popping in and out and helping me to keep going.  I felt Robin was very genuine and impartial.  At times I wanted more advice than he was happy to offer, but I’m glad now that I made my own way through the jungle - the right bow found me in the end.’  Josephine Horder

 ‘I really enjoyed coming to Ely.  You were so welcoming and the acoustics of the room and the character of the house were so delightful that I felt completely at ease – in the best frame of mind to focus and make decisions.’  

Rebecca Spencer

Dear Sarah,

The bow arrived safely, thank you!  I just used it while teaching a pupil: a real joy to play.  I am very glad I took the plunge.

Best Wishes,  Chris

'Sarah, I have to tell you that I am in seventh heaven with the bow and am so pleased with it I would like you to let Mr Grόnke know how his work is appreciated. And also I thank you for your part in allowing me to become the owner of this fine stick.'


Take a Bow 2011
• Appointments diary
• Ely Exhibition
• Purchasing bows
• Bow prices
• Bow maker biographies
• Travelling to Ely
• Top tips for trying bows
• Take a Bow Feedback

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